Greg Martin

Street Fight Instructor
Greg Martin

Greg, French Streetfight instructor, started martial arts at the age of 5 with Judo.
At the age of 17, he practiced the traditional Karate Shotokan for 10 years with 2 Japanese masters. Then he got into Taekwondo. He also was taught by the 3 founders and biggest champions of full contact:

1- “Bill Superfoot Wallace” who was also the bodyguard of Elvis Presley
2- “Joe Lewis” who was a student of Bruce Lee. He also holds the biggest number of wins.
3- “Dominique Valera” who was the pioneer of the full contact method in Europe.

Greg also practiced, for a short period of time, Jiu-Jitsu with with Royce Gracie.
In 1994, Greg was in a very hard situation, having no job and no place to stay so he had to survive.
And while walking the streets of Paris during the night, he heard about underground fights for money. The fights made him survive a little bit, so he did it for a living.
Then he worked in the security department for nightclubs and he also worked as bodyguard for big personalities.

He also prepared martial arts champions in Kickboxing, Thai-boxing and Taekwondo. Greg was known for his explosive kicking techniques developed with Bill Wallace.
As an ex-sergeant in the “commandos Alpins” in the French army, he was asked to form the Elite group and the intervention groups in the Police and Gendarmerie.
Then Greg got interested by the self-defense that gave a meaning to danger that is more realistic than the other martial-arts disciplines.
The self-defense method works more with defense against guns, knives and other kinds of weapons. It also works more creatively and psychologically on the strategy and behavior that one should adopt while facing real danger.

According to Greg, there’s no single martial arts discipline that is effective 100% in real life situations. This is why he selected some moves coming from different disciplines that are the most simple and efficient to face real life danger. Greg’s method is based on his real life experience (underground fights in Paris, Sergeant experience, etc…) to keep only the essentials the less the mind searches for the good technique while facing real danger, the more it is reactive since the reflex becomes more natural.
Greg decides to call his method “TOTAL COMBAT SYSTEM” until 2015.
Now his method is called “STREETFIGHT DEFENSE”